Thursday, November 03, 2005

West Hollywood - Halloween Carnaval

Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood is probably the most scary place on Halloween night. Every year on October 31, the historic route 66 in West Hollywood will be filled with people dressing up as devils or man dressing up as woman for the annual West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval.

There are basically 2 distinctive types of people on the street for the Halloween Carnaval - the dressed up and the non-dressed up. The costumes are also in 2 categories - the cute and the scary. Looking at these 3 pretty ladies... or.. man-ladies.. should we call them cute or scary...

This cuet young boy may be trying his best to scare people. But he is just too cute to scare anyone. Yet this probably two year old little lizard is drawing a lot of attentions and flashlights.

The annual West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnaval, the largest street party in United States on Halloween night, is drawing thousands of visitors from nearby cities. Going from 6 pm till midnight, this crazy street party is something worth seeing in Los Angeles.


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