Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Taipei - Dansui (1) - The Food

If You Ask Me What's a Must Do in Taiwan, I'll say EAT!

Yes. Eat. Even though Taiwan is just about the size of New Jersey, the diversity of food makes it a paradise for food lovers.

But where do you find authentic Taiwanese food?
Take the MRT red line till the final stop, Dansui and you will find yourself in a breathy old river side town with rich cultural heritage and delicious food.

Maybe you will be dazed by the hundreds of snack stands. Yet no matter how many seafood or meat kababs you eat, you want to save some rooms for two of the most famouse Xiao-Chi, or little snacks that Dansui has offered to the thousands of visitors, Dansui Yu-Wan (fishball) and A-Ge(Tofu Wrap).

Dansui Yu-Wan (Dansui Fishball)
You probably have try some fishball in restaurants in Chinatown. However, the Dansui Fishball is no ordinary fishball. The outside of the fishball is fish paste from local fish, which is the same for most of the fishballs. Yet the inside of the fish ball, juicy mixture of seafood delight and pork, is what distinguish Dansui Fishball from the other. The wow taste comes when you take a big bite at the core of the fish ball.

A-Ge (Tofu Wrap)
Don't be fooled by its bold outside. When you opens up the brown tofu wrap, you will find some surprise inside the wrap which is why people call it A-Ge instead of just brown tofu. A-Ge comes with special homemade hot and sour sauce which you must eat with the tofu.


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