Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Taipei - Beitou Hotspring Town (1) - Beitou Hot Spring Park

Creek in Beitou Hotspring Park

Beitou, known as the Hotspring Town, is a popular weekend getaway at northend of Taipei city.

Just 20 minutes away from Taipei' Train Station by MRT or Metro Rapid Transit, Beitou provides a perfect relaxing spot for the stressful white-collars working in the political and commercial capital of Taiwan.
Maze in Beitou Hotspring Park
The enchanting journey to the easy accessible Hotspring Town begins at the Xinbeitou (New Beitou) MRT station. Across the street to the station is the entrance to a park known as Beitou Hotspring Park.

Beitou Hotspring Park serves as the green refugee for the local residence. However even visitors like you and me may also find some surprises there such as tropical plants, green maze, and a creek running from the hotspring. Of course along the way you will be enjoying sulfur air, not fresh air as you get closer and loser to the source of the hotspring.

Along the way don't forget to stop by the Native Art Museum along Chungshan Road which contains art exhibits of Taiwan's 9 largest native tribes. The exhibits contains information of the tribes as well as folks art.

Native Art Museum Where: Beitou Discrict, Taipei, Taiwan


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