Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Taipei - Dansui (2) - The Sidewalk and Ferry

Dansui, sitting along the mouth of Dansui River, is a historic seaside village in Taipei county. The name itself literally means freash water.

What brings thousands of visitors daily to this tiny town is not just the food but also the gorgeous view of Dansui River. Virtually anytime during the day you'll find great photo spots.

The Sidewalk
The recently renovated granite sidewalk gave Dansui Town a new facial to her aging image. Now the sidewalk becomes a popular spot for a romantic dating or great weekend afternoon family time.

The Ferry
If you want to enjoy a short floating tour on Dansui River, go to the dock and take the 30 minutes ferry to the other side of the river which cost less than a dollar in US.


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