Monday, December 19, 2005


I just love sunset. To me it is the most beautiful time of the day. It is the last moment when mother natural shows off her beautity in golden cloth, just like the smile from a girl waving goodbye.

Anybody want to guess where this sunset is?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Taipei - Wulai - Full Moon Recreation Area

Taipei isn't just a city of sky scrappers and heavy traffic, nor delicious food. Actually for an one hour drive from the densely populated city, you could be enjoying a natural bath of water falls and trees.

Full Moon Recreation Area (Formerly known as Wawa Gorge) is a hidden jewels in the suburben town of Wulai, a rural town located southeast of Taipei county. Famous for its hot springs, Wulai is also a very popular weekend getaway for families in Taipei. The rural town is consisted more than 90% by mountains so you should be expecting gorgeous scenaries while you are in the town.

The recreation area is located near the end of Wulai hot spring town and is best to be reached by car. The park consisted of easily accessible trails which will take you to beautiful waterfalls. The round trip should take you about two hours.

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